Domestic Violence Victim

RA’s story – I was a victim of domestic violence.  I married a man that should have been safe!  I met him in church and had saved myself for marriage.  The day after I got married I was yanked out of bed by my hair, slammed up against the wall and informed that I was there to service him, take care of him and that my job began with making him breakfast.  I was dumbstruck!  This man who had been so kind when we dated was truly a monster.  more


Tammy’s story –  I’m 43 years old, and my story starts off when I was born.  It’s a bit long so please bear with me…  When I was born, I was already dying so I was immediately shipped an hour away to another hospital.  My mother never got to hold or even touch me. The doctors there shaved my 2-inch-long thick, black hair, off so they could place tubes, etc. and other life saving measures.  After 2 weeks of being there, my ‘mother’ was finally able to take me home. This was the first time she actually got to see me or hold me. But, even here before she could hold me, the nurse actually gave her someone else’s baby!!  As she coddled and cooed with this baby it was my aunt who saw me laying in another bed and said that baby she was holding wasn’t hers… and pointed me out.   Pg1  Pg2