Case Reviews


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08Oct18 – Liza has a heart of Gold and goes above and beyound to help people But you Must Listen to her. She is A Lisenced PI and she knows what she is doing. Keep up the Good work Liza Thank You for Everything you do. Enlighten mine Eyes is a God send.  – Laura Elizabeth Flora

11Sep18 – 5 Stars, if I could give 10 stars I would!  I am not sure if you’ve ever heard of Emily Paul… she is my baby cousin…. but after 5 years of her going missing and absolutely no word… Liza contacted me on March 30th of this year… I spent over an hour on the phone with her the first day and gave her every detail I could think of about my baby cousin Emily… after 5 years it finally felt like someone actually cared about not only Emily but about me and my family.. after countless hours on phone interviews suddenly we had contact from Emily a mere 4 months later… after FIVE years of nothing… I truly believe and so does my entire family that Liza AND Ashley were instrumental in finding my baby cousin… not only did we finally know for sure that she was alive… but somehow I became friends with an amazing woman who I will always count as my family… I could not give a higher recommendation then Enlighten Mine Eyes Investigations… I hope and pray that no family ever has to endure what we have… but if you do please know these women will stop at nothing to solve your mystery and truly care about your loved one above all else… – Melissa Galarza-Parker

05Sep18 – These people helped find my daughter within 48 hours of them taking her case. They went over and beyond to help me.  There were very professional and compassionate to me and my family and friends.  I highly recommend these guys and would use them again should it come to that again.  Thank you so much – Misty Corbett

25Aug18 – Awesome service.  I can’t say enough about how responsive and helpful they were to me.  My sister has been found and I am truly grateful.  – Shauna Harris

16Aug18 – This organization and its team are relentless in their efforts to find the missing. They put all they have in searching for someone’s loved one. They do it with respect and compassion. Liza and Ashley are very personable and friendly. They invest themselves in each case. I recommend them for locating your missing loved one. – Shelia Murphy

16Jul18 – EnlightenMineEyes Investigations is a God Send. I was at a loss when my best friend went missing and God sent me this wonderful woman.  Liza worked tirelessly to know me locate my loved one… all at no cost me me.  She was professional, encouraging, and promised that I could reach out WHENEVER I needed her… and when I did she was there for me.  I can’t thank her enough for what she did. – Elise Hollis

08Jul18 – “Liza, on days you question why you do what you do just look at this pic and KNOW that you’re doing God’s work!!!  Our family can never thank you enough for all of your help, love and support!” – Tamara Larrivee

07Jul18 – “I am still in shock. We have our daughter back and will be home soon with her.  Thank you everyone who shared her photo.  Liza Catron thank you so much for everything you did and still do.  Ashley Wallace, thank you as well.  Just Amazing. – Jason Larrivee

06Jul18 – “A huge prayer has been answered!! We’re on our way home with Makayla and her daughter, Donna.  Our whole family I iso happy!!  A big THANK YOU to Liza Catron and Ronnie & Leann Wilkes!!  This wouldn’t be happening without your guys.  We have the most amazing family!  Thank all of y’all so much.” – Tamara Larrivee

4May18 – “She is 100 percent dedicated to finding my granddaughter” – Debra Witherspoon

24Apr18 – “She is wonderful.  She was put in my path after my mom was found dead.  She still helped me navigate the system.. and made lots of phone calls.  And talked me down many times.  She is a wonderful lady.  Highly recommend her and her company.” – Lissa Yates

26Feb18 – “If your child has gone missing or is being hidden by an unknown person or group.  If your child has told you they are leaving with a person from church to handout Bibles and flyers and once they disappear they are not allow to give their address, then please call EnlightenMineEyes.  There are kids that go missing every day to these groups in Texas I know. Three of the groups associated with my daughters case call themselves End Time Survivors, Church of Well, and Voices in The Dessert.  Liza helped me get my daughter away from a dangerous group in Texas that preyed on my kids on snap chat and you tube and recruited your 18 year old son-in-law, his 18 year old wife (our daughter), and their 4 month old baby (our grandson).  They are still recruiting children every day.  They sent mine by train from NY to TX and drove them around in an RV with no running water or food.  Once I got EnlightenMineEyes involved they sent my daughter and her family home.  I am forever grateful” – Cheryl Trama. (sub note – Ms. Trama thought they might be headed to Florida and we got busy looking for them.)

01Feb18 – “Liza was wonderful, fast, and knowledgeable!!!!  We are eternally grateful to her for all of her hard work to help us get our daughter home!!!  She is my angel!!!  I don’t think we’d have gotten our daughter home as soon as we did without the posters she distributed everywhere so quickly!!!  She really knows her stuff!!!” – Rachel Moore

27Jan18 – “Liza is a blessing.  I am just astonished at how quickly the boys were found.  I still can’t wrap my head around how everything happened in a matter of moments.  From the time that she got the word out to find the boys it was a short three hours.  They are safe and I cannot thank her enough for her time, effort and caring heart that she puts into her work.  May God always bless her.” – Julie Nicolle

27Jan18 – “Liza is an absolute angel here on Earth.  With her help we were able to track down our boys that had been missing for one week.  Once she came on board the case, they were found in about three hours.  Simply amazing.  Her efforts and support were truly heartfelt.  She went above and beyond at one point and even called in a fellow PI to help get to the boys within 3 minutes because he was that close to them.  Can’t sing enough praises about Liza and her work.  Forever grateful for your efforts.” – Jennifer Ivey


12Dec17 – “The people are very sympathetic to your families worries.  They handled looking for our son quickly, and professionally.  Even after he was found, Liza protected our family from those who would scam us.  Thank you so much for everything you do.  For myself, and for others.  Very caring and willing to put in long hours to help those who need it!” – Teresa Gossett

27Oct17 – “Liza is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.  She’s very dedicated and works so hard for the families of missing loved ones.  Our family appreciates Liza more than words can express.” – Tamara Larrivee

08Sep17 – “I would like to take the time out to thank Liza and Ashley for reaching out to me to help me find my daughter, even though they are facing great disaster and worries from Hurricane Irma.  They have both been in constant contact with me in the search for my adult child while trying to evacuate.  If it weren’t for them I don’t know what I would need to do and I would be a mess knowing that they are helping is given me some peace.  They are professional, yet personal at the same time.  They have given me fath that we will find my daughter.
UP DATE: With all the hard work and dedication the 2 of these to have given I have found my daughter and she is safe.” – Christine Thompson

23Aug17 – “Liza is an amazing person.  She is very dedicated to helping people get the answers they need.  She worked very hard to find my niece and never gave up until she was found.  She was there to answer any questions we had day or night no matter the time.  We are so thankful God put her in our lives.  Liza, thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart.” – Chenoah Kirby

10Aug17 – “Just want to take the time to let you know that you have been a blessing to our family Liza.  You went far and beyond to find my daughter and did way more then JSO has done in this whole investigation.  And without you she wouldn’t be home today.  Thanks again for all you’ve done for us.” Shone Marie

29Jun17 – “Liza is so wonderful!!  She has helped me so much!!  She is very dedicated to helping people!!!  She is very supportive and listens and works very hard to get the answers we are all looking for!!!” – Kimberly Peters

23Jun17 – “Thank y’all so much.  You did this in 48 hours, wow.  My dad was located, and information was passed along for my terminally ill brother.  And our numbers were passed along to our father.  Thank you for everything.  Y’all are amazing” – Aleece Bohannon

16May17 – “Liza was amazing and supportive through this entire ordeal and I’m eternally grateful to her for all of her help in locating my son, Alex.  I now know he’s alive and I am comforted with that fact.  Thank you so much!!” – Alicia Miller

28Apr17 – Very helpful.. Was willing to go out of her way…. Thanks EnlightenMineEyes Investigations for all your help” – Gina Keffer