General Case Intake

Data is sent to private investigator for evaluation and acceptance. Agreement, if accepted, will be between the herein named, and will hereinafter be referred to as ‘CLIENT’ and EnlightenMineEyes Investigations, hereinafter referred to as EME.  EME will endeavor to provide the services requested, or as amended in writing, as permitted by law.  Requests for modifications must be made in writing.  Retainer and all payments are to be submitted here, no work will be performed prior to receipt of payment.

Client General Case Intake
Please indicate IN DETAIL all criminal charges and their resolution. False information will be cause for forfeiture of any/all retainers paid. If not applicable reply N/A.
You MUST place your initials in this block that you have read/understand/agree & have received this contract agreement.

*** ATTENTION ***BE SURE TO print INTAKE FORM for your records BEFORE HITTING SUBMIT, you are agreeing to these terms if you submit the form***