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McGruff Child Safety Kits can be acquired FREE OF CHARGE by emailing Alicia directly or here.  She will come out to your house, instruct on all proper collection and answer any questions you may have to help make your children safer.

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Tips/Tricks To Keep Your Kids Safe

Collect DNA BEFORE your child goes missing!  You should use a letter-sized brown envelope, it should be CLEARLY marked with the child’s FULL LEGAL NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, DATE OF COLLECTION, AND ITEM INSIDE.  Let the child lick the envelope closed, this preserves saliva samples as well as the samples on the enclosed items.  Keep the envelopes in a cool, dry place, away from rodents and other household pests. DO NOT KEEP ITEMS COLLECTED IN FREEZER OR IN PLASTIC!

Our toothbrushes should be replaced every 3 months according to the American Dental Association,  use this to protect your kids!  Toothbrushes are a fantastic way to capture skin cells from the mouth.  Additionally, you can use a new/clean cotton swab (cut off one end for you to hold onto and use the other end to rub the inside of the cheek of the child.  Place in #10 BROWN letter sized envelope, label as indicated above.

Purchase each child their own, individual, hair brush, require them to use it and these hairs can be used to acquire DNA as well.

If they get a bloody nose, SAVE THE TISSUE OR TOWEL, place in large brown letter/legal-sized envelope or brown paper grocery bag, label as indicated above.

Take pictures at a minimum of every month.  Do it on the first of every month!  We give our animals heart worm prevention on a set day each month (use this day instead); its time to make sure we can identify our children if the unimaginable happens.  If you have a child that changes hair color/style often this could be of immense value when searching for an abducted or runaway child.

When doing your MONTHLY record, also note the child’s height, weight, shoe size & clothing sizes;  maybe even take a picture of the most used, (or favorite) shoes, coats, hoodies, etc.

Collect ALL passwords, gamer tags/ user names and all social media URLS, and know what your children are doing online.  They may not fancy your snooping but it is YOUR responsibility to keep them safe!

Make a list of any body changes as they occur – such as scars, moles, glasses, contacts ,etc.  Provide the location of scars, a written description, including the date they occurred, take a picture of the healed scar to add to the files.  Moles are almost never identical to any other and a picture of the mole, the location and the size of same can be a big identifier. 

Glasses/Contacts – include a copy of the prescription, color of the frames, picture of glasses, etc.

Cases OTHER THAN FL –  We Help The Missing is PI owned & We Can Bring You Hope is clergy owned & are our preferred partners.  They do NOT disseminate your personal information, they protect your privacy AND use LICENSED PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS to work your case in your state.