the DONNA foundation – a new beginning

READ the stories shared by those  Kidnapped,  Runaway,  Trafficked;  Family of a missing persons, or  Domestic Violence Victims

FIRST, I should explain the purpose of this foundation…  As a private investigator I see the horrific in some of my cases.  I see those who run away, those who are thrown away, those who are abused and those who abuse; I see those who are taken against their will and fight with all their might to return and those who develop Stockholm syndrome and begin to identify with their captor or pimp.

Therefore the purpose is to encourage those who have been there to share their stories so that others may be helped, discourage others from making the same mistakes, help those trafficked to overcome the nightmares and horrors they lived and re-live daily by helping others escape or to not become victims in the first place; and to provide a space for those who have been there to tell their story ‘their way’, as a survivor.

PLEASE, keep in mind – MANY don’t have a good ending,  In the U.S. someone goes missing every FORTY (40) seconds!  Some are runaways, some are taken against their will, and some are trafficked or otherwise harmed, and MOST are unable to help themselves out of the situation.  While most runaways do eventually return home, far too many are never seen or heard from again.  This is unacceptable in a civilized country like America.  This MUST BE stopped!

So as we grow, we encourage you to send YOUR story to us at using the contact form here, so that others can learn from your experience.  The more you are willing to share about your experience (the good, the bad, and the ugly) the more likely to prevent someone else ending up in those same shoes.

Please put your story into the portal in as much detail as you are willing to share.

I understand that my story may be used on the foundation website and I expressly give my permission for this publication. I understand that I will not be compensated for this use. I agree that the statements made herein are factual and that I release and hold harmless, EnlightenMineEyes Investigations, the DONNA foundation, and all employees, associates and assigns of all organizations of any/all liability for use.

Some of our contributors have consented to their names, phone numbers and emails being on file.  If YOU wish to contact any of our contributors please complete this form with your contact info and the contributor you want to contact.  I will forward your message to them with your contact info and if they wish to contact you directly they will be able to do so.  Hopefully this will build support systems for those that need them.  If they do not wish to have direct contact, I will forward their responses to the requester.  PLEASE use ‘theDONNAfoundation’ to help others overcome the horrific ordeals they have endured.

Are YOU a missing adult who wants to make contact with family?  Complete the following and provide the information for me to find your family and I will get them a message.

Please be sure to provide your full LEGAL name so your family will know it is you. Please consider adding your birthdate to the information you provide below as verification for your family.