With an interest in the legal system and a desire to become a cop, I settled on becoming a private investigator.  After leaving a near six-figure job, I went to school and acquired 40x more than my state requirements to become a licensed investigator.  While I completed my internship, for training purposes I had the opportunity to work the Haleigh Cummins case in Satsuma, Florida.  I had my dreams set on Homeland Security, but the Missing Persons phenomenon captured my heart.  I simply couldn’t fathom the number of persons who disappeared every year.

After acquiring my personal license, and then my Agency License, I worked as a volunteer on my first solo missing person case.  My heart ached for the family and I lost my heart to Emily Paul.  The story of this little girl who just vanished at age 14,  tore at my every fiber and she became the daughter I had to find.  In fact, I now I tell all my clients that they sort of share their child with me because until I find them, I will not rest and I will not stop.  I rarely sleep, as I work my cases nearly all night, every night.  I have awakened in the middle of the night, sat straight up in bed and realized there was something I hadn’t thought of before.  I have, many times, crawled out of bed for several hours more of work.  Sometimes I can make a note for myself and take the needed step the next morning, but these cases completely consume me.  Simply stated, I cannot bear the thought of the pain these families endure when a loved one is missing, especially a child, and I have made it my life goal to find and bring their loved ones back.

I worked Emily’s case for a time with very little information, and soon came to work with the research assistant who would become my right arm.  Ashley and I began working together while volunteering for another organization and left that affiliation within weeks of each other.  We continued to work together on Emily’s case and established a working relationship and camaraderie that I value beyond words.

While I  often describe Ashley as the ‘heart’ of EME, as it is with her unfaltering commitment to this agency that she has helped make it successful.  As Ashley is the ‘heart of EME, Emily Paul is the ‘life blood’ that courses through us both.  Ashley is an awesome assistant, and I truly do not know what I would do without her.  She will be my virtual personal assistant as long as she desires the position.  God blessed me with someone who possesses the same drive and determination that I have in finding and bringing home our missing.  With Ashley’s help we started ALL GOD’S CHILDREN on facebook to remind others that when a loved one is missing the ONLY important thing is to find them as soon as possible.  The first three hours are the most vital, and a jump on a case can make the world of difference.  Ashley never fails to exceed my every expectation, anticipate my need with any given case and seems to always be prepared and ready to hit the ground running no matter the task I request.

With the resolution of the Emily Paul case I felt the need to find a way to help those who have endured kidnapping, have run away, or have become homeless and want to reach out to family.  I started the Donna Foundation when another case resolution resulted in a runaway coming home with a young child.  Her statement that she didn’t understand what she did to her mother until she was one, just cut me to the bone and I had to do something to let these people have a voice.  The DONNA foundation – a new beginning gives each individual a chance to tell their story, in their words – anonymously; while also allowing the opportunity to perhaps help others in the process.  Anyone can submit their own story in one of five categories: ‘kidnapped‘, ‘runaway‘, ‘trafficked‘, ‘family of missing‘, or ‘domestic violence victim‘.

With a number of “FOUND SAFE’S“, I found that I donate literally hundreds of hours per month and the monetary side of being a PI fell by the way.  Although I continue to work paying cases, I think of the missing cases as my priority and my way of giving back.  I am blessed to have a virtual personal assistant that feels the same way.  Together we work to bring #AllGodsChildren back home to their families safely or provide closure for the  families of those recovered.  Our goal is to provide a positive outlook and maintain the hopes of the families we help and will continue to #PayItForward as God permits.  We have partnered with a new credit card processor who has helped establish a donation method so that those who continue to ask me how they can help now have a viable and professional method in which to donate.

The most often question I am asked is how can I help?  – The truth is EVERYONE can help!

Go to the missing persons page, or to my Facebook page and help Ashley and I make EVERY flyer viral as it increases the chances of bringing one more missing person home.  If you can, DONATE!  Even a $20 donation can get these flyers seen by up to 10,000 people in mere days.  No matter how hard and long you walk the streets to post flyers no one can hit 10,000 people faster than social media does.  Social Media has it’s purposes and helping to find our missing is one of it’s best attributes.  EnlightenMineEyes can be found on Facebook as well.